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MZ Experience

MZ Experience 2014

What is it

The MZ Experience gives riders an opportunity to see if Motorbike Road Racing is for them under the watchful eye of the British MZ Racing Club.

Who is it for

Generally riders looking to take part in the MZ Experience are competent riders who have been on track days or have taken part in another form of motorbike racing. They are looking for a new challenge or road racing is simply something they have always wanted to have a crack at.

Please Note

This is an opportunity to get out on track on a 250MZ as easily as possible for people who are seriously considering MZ racing.  But don't get the idea that this is an arrive and drive thing. It's a lot more than that. You will not be a 'customer'. You will be a real life Road Racer, responsible for you, the bike and your own skin just like everyone else in the Paddock !



Mark Vincent MZ Experience Aug 2009 - Now rides #66.


Adam Clarke MZ Experience Sept 2009 - Now rides #6

      Adam Clarke MZ Experience Sept 2009 - Now rides #6    
        MZ Novice Champion 2010    &    BMCRC Best Newcomer 2010     

What‘s included

·         The opportunity to borrow a race prepared MZ motorbike

·         The chance to participate in a race meeting at a top UK circuit organised by BMCRC, otherwise known as Bemsee.

·         3 days on track including one days testing and two days racing.

·         Track instruction and paddock support from experienced racers. 

     Prior to the Race Meeting we'll help you meet the race entry requirements. You'll need:

·         ACU Racing Licence which requires you to take a half day Competence to Compete course. New for 2014, you will also need to complete an on-track Basic Rider Assessment.

·         Passport Sized Photo for your licence.

·        Optician’s signature on the Eye Sight section of the licence application.  A High Street optician will normally do you an eye test for around £15 -£20.

·         Riding Kit e.g. dog tags, ACU gold stamped helmet, one piece leathers, boots, gloves.

·         BMCRC and BMZRC membership

·         Race Entry Forms







Who to talk to

Chris Palmer is our MZ Experience Co-ordinator and is also our Riders Representative.
Chris can talk you through everything you need to know.

He’s heard every stupid question there is, and probably asked a few himself,
so don’t be shy.

You can contact Chris on:
Mobile: 07527 673830 Home: 01296 738915

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